Rule 6.17 – Tied Game

Rule 6.17 – Tied Game

A game is considered tied if, at the end of the three regulation periods, both teams have scored an equal number of goals.

Overtime periods will always be sudden-victory, meaning that the game will end as soon as a goal is scored.

Members and Leagues may make their own rules regarding overtime for games under their jurisdiction.

  1. If the game is tied, the following will occur:

    1. If the Official feels it is necessary, they may order the ice to be re-surfaced at the end of the three regulation periods.
    2. The puck will be faced-off at centre ice and the play will continue with a 10-minute sudden-victory overtime period;
    3. If the score is still tied after the 10-minute sudden-victory overtime period, the teams would take the normal between period break and return to play a 20-minute sudden-victory period.

      Note 1: The teams will only switch ends if the ice is resurfaced.

  2. Any overtime period will be considered part of the game and all unexpired penalties will remain in effect.

  3. If either team declines to play in the necessary overtime period(s), the Referee will follow Rule 10.8 – Refusing to Start Play and report the matter to the appropriate Member or league.

    If a game is suspended under Rule 10.8 – Refusing to Start Play because a team has refused to play the necessary overtime period(s), the Member or league will declare the game as a loss for the offending team.